Our philosophy focuses greatly on our custom made training curriculum that brings out our Villanova Women’s Soccer mentality of “Person First”.


Our staff at Villanova University instruct the Camps and Clinics with a “Person First” mentality – this mentality creates a culture of success where players are valued, and respected first and foremost as people followed by their athletic ability and the rest. We believe that if players are placed in a healthy and safe environment where they are appreciated and treated well, they can exceed their levels of performance on an individual and team level.


The “person first” mentality enables players to enter a comfort zone with the staff that enhances their instruction phase. The instruction phase involves specialized soccer coaching from our staff directly to a person who has a comfortable environment to thrive in. This is a cyclic training method approach that our staff excel in. Our staff are confident in saying that ALL camp and clinic attendees will have one of the best experiences in the Nation when attending a Women’s Soccer Nova Nation Camp or Clinic.


Villanova Women’s Soccer Guest Coaches who will be instructing our Camps and Clinics will be instructed on how our teaching principles work and how to obtain the most out of each and every camp/clinic attendee.


Our current soccer camp/clinic curricula are designed to target areas of player weaknesses and improve in those areas but at the same time further strengthen areas of competency – where sometimes players get complacent in. We emphasize an importance on players playing confident and this can only be done by understanding both strengths and weaknesses.


This is an exciting time for Villanova Women’s Soccer!